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Thread: Parasites?

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    So my mom's latest health-and-wellness interest is in the invading armies of parasites. Was wondering if any of you have researched this topic, and if there really is a national pandemic of nasty invaders wriggling in our guts. Here is a link that she just sent me:

    Worm Guru: Parasites

    The goal is to ingest various herbs and natural remedies, to make the body inhospitable to further colonization, and to kill the eggs/hatchlings/adult parasites that are already present. These processes will usually make one feel like hell as the die-off occurs.


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    I had parasites when I was a kid. I got them from summer camp. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me ONE pill and they were gone in about a day. I've been parasite free since, the marvels of modern science.
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    I had a nasty case of giardia picked up in the south Pacific a few years back. Also cured by modern medicine. If you really do have a parasite, believe me, you will know that something is seriously wrong. What it sounds like the Worm Guru is selling is creating a problem and then being happy to provide you with the solution.

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