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    "Woman Loses Legs After Weight-Loss Surgery"

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    Woman Loses Legs After Weight-Loss Surgery - The Consumerist

    Such a shame. So unnecessary...

    The woman weighed 278 pounds before she went under the knife and was worried about her health. "I just wanted to live longer, live better you know... I had diabetes, hypertension as my risk factors,"

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    yeah thats sad. it doesnt really say what caused it though. a blood clot? she has diabetes, isnt amputation a pretty common problem for someone with diabetes?
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    The article did state that she developed blood clots. Blood clots are deadly and she should have been closely monitored. I experienced superficial blood clots after having one of my children, very painful and the hospital just poo poo'd it. I was terrified.

    So sad though. When will people learn that surgery is not the magic pill?

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