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Thread: Boneless chuck blade roast?

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    Boneless chuck blade roast?

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    I have a 3.4 pound grass-fed boneless chuck blade roast.

    what can I do with it? it is grass-fed meat so I don't want to just experiment and have to throw it away. I was trying to find some sort of pulled meat recipe but I have not had any luck.

    Can any of you help me out with some suggestions? Thanks a bunch!!!
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    Any pot roast recipe should do nicely. You can use a Dutch oven or crock pot. I like mine marinated in red wine.

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    I would google for a marinade that looked appealing and then use the crock pot (preferred) or a very low (250) long heat (2 to 3 hours) in the oven. Grass fed can be drier than grain fed, so I would definitely use a wet marinade.
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