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Oh wow! yes I just ordered that book a few days ago after the advice from my specialist who currently believes my CFS is, or is being caused by, adrenal fatigue. It's coming in the mail sometime next week with a bunch of supplements for my adrenals

Is the vitamin c supplement like a powder? I probably can't get that brand here in Australia so could you describe it? ;P Thanks so much you two

Going to make the sauerkraut and kale chips today to use those for any snacking, will help for getting lots of veges in me and for the gut flora
Hi again curreh,

When you get James Wison's book you will see in the supplement section that he recommends Vitamin C combined with bioflavenoids. He recommends dosing on day 1 every hour until stools become loose. That is the level of supplementation that you need to start off with. That is how I realised that Vit C & bioflavenoids can "get things moving". The brand I bought is Solgar Hy-Bio which was the closest I could find to Wilson's recommendation. Here's a link to the product Hy-BioŽ Tablets (500 mg Vitamin C with 500 mg Bioflavonoids) Solgar Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs.

Sonnenblume is quite correct in saying that fibre is not always the answer to constipation. It will only really help is lack of bulk to the stool is the problem that causes the constipation. If that isn't the problem that adding fibre could make it worse. There are so many causes to constipation that you will have to experiment to find what helps yours. Bear in mind that everyone's "habits" are different and some people go every day and some people only a few times a week.