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Thread: Tomato sauce

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    Tomato sauce

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    Tomato sauce:
    use tomatoes that are on their way out but are not bad (organic and local of course)
    I peel the tomatoes by placing the tomatoes in hot water after cutting an x into the top and bottom
    Chop the tomatoes and place them in a pot
    Add water to cover (almost)
    add 1 small tomato puree (no additives + sugar in it)
    add 1 tbs Worcestershire sauce
    salt, pepper Tabasco and chili to taste
    simmer for a long time
    In the meantime saute green onions and leeks in coconut oil/olive oil
    Add the sauteed onions and leeks to the tomato sauce
    Once the tomatoes have simmered for 30 minutes (for 10 tomatoes)
    Switch the gas/hob/cooker off and leave covered for several minutes
    Mine is now going in the fridge because I haven't decided how to use it yet. I might make eggs with the sauce for breakfast

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    moab ut.
    mmmm... sounds good.

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    Made a lot of Sauce - Keeping in a vacuumed jar in the fridge

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    Thanks Zophie

    Used about 5 tbs in the Shakshuka (posted recipe) this morning.

    Will probably make Pizza tonight and use some of the sauce.

    I just like having things on hand that I can use later in the day/week.

    Today is my organic veg box delivery day so I like to use up any veg I didn't have a chance to use the week before.

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