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Thread: Staying Primal...despite all the STRESS

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    If you know you can't resist Qdoba or you've resigned yourself to cheating, those kinds of places always have taco salad kind of things that would allow you to at least avoid corn/tortilla chips, though you'll probably end up with beans (unless you get fajita veggies?). It could be a pretty decent primal option if you ask for the right things.
    They have a very small menu. They do have naked taco salad and naked burritos. Still pretty dangerous when you crave comfort food.
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    ^Ah you're right, maybe I was thinking of another of those fast-Mexican places. Obviously the best option is to have healthy options available, pre-prepared at home, but sometimes the best option doesn't win.
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    Can you give yourself a 15-minute cooling-off period? As in, "I will wait 15 minutes, and if I still want the comfort food, I will go in there and get it." Then gradually stretch out the time period.

    Alternatively, are there any other "comfort foods" that are less bad for you?

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    Well, I can relate to what you are asking. I have struggled mightily in the past with stress leading to bad food choices. But when I finally made a permanent change what is now nearly two years ago, I really underwent an attitude adjustment of gargantuan proportions.

    I was a terrible stress eater. Even in times that weren’t all that stressful. What I chose to do this time, and what has worked for me for two years, is to put eating right and exercising first in my list of priorities. Sounds simplistic and naïve… I really do understand that. But here is the deal: eating right and exercising itself became my outlet for stress. It is an amazing thing.

    Little did I know that after I made this commitment, I would within two months hit the most difficult and stressful 18 months of my life. I won’t bore you with details, but the time demands and stresses don’t get much worse than what I went through outside of something like losing a family member. But, I found I could focus on my health and use that to keep me centered. When the stress hit, I went for a walk. It was about making the change and that was what was most important. Graduate school, jobs, family come first in the sense of immediacy, but there are ways to deal with all those things. And if you don’t put health first, then it won’t matter because you either won’t be around to use that education, money, whatever, or, you won’t have the physical or mental fortitude to truly enjoy it.

    I know…this probably seems utterly worthless to you, yet as a reformed stress eater, I really do get where you are coming from. But, just reconsider your focus and see if that might be an issue. And by all means, find comforting yet conforming food you love and keep them around. Tomatoes and raw almonds work for me.

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    I just started medical school (Chinese so learning a new language too) and I can relate to have NO TIME. Oh, and I am the cook for my family. I knew this would happen so I cooked large batches of food over the weekend and threw it all in the fridge. It's day 3 and we are all well-fed.

    This weekend make a huge batch of soup, stir-fry and curry and hard-cook a dozen eggs. You'll have enough for every meal for the entire week.

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    yeah I have ran into that issue this week. I haven't grabbed anything yet, but I came THISCLOSE to getting a pumpkin loaf today at Starbucks... :/ If you can, cook up a batch of bacon at the beginning of the week to have around... Bacon cures everything!
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