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Thread: Joint Pain

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    Joint Pain

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    Hi Everyone,

    So I have heard so many talk about relief from joint pain when taking grains out of their diet, and I was just wandering how long it took before you guys could feel a noticeable difference?

    Also did you see the difference because you changed your diet and your exercise pattern or was it the diet alone?


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    I didn't suffer from joint pain, but I did have other issues that cleared up when I stopped grains. Maybe these will give you an idea of the range...

    4 days grain-free: noticeable improvement in acid reflux problem (it was a 6 antacid per day problem)
    2 weeks grain-free: last antacid (it's now been about 9 months without problems)
    2 months grain-free: noticed decline in asthma problems
    4 months grain-free: off asthma medications (this has been a problem since my teens)

    On the other hand, even a TINY cheat (i.e.: a martini with wheat-based vodka in it) and I'm tight-chested and/or wheezing within a few HOURS.

    So... a range of problems and a range of healing times. I do hope someone can chime in more specifically about joint pain for you, but I suspect it may vary a lot between people.
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    Actually this is great feel free to chime in with anything - I kinda like to move the motivation away from weight loss onto general health and well being... Impressive improvement gunnk!

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    Another thing to keep in mind: I've noticed that nightshades (especially bell peppers) seriously aggravate my own joint issues. Try cutting out nightshades for a month, then carefully adding in to see which ones affect you. Mine are bell peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes in order of worst to least affected
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    My joint issues are related to gluten AND I have to keep both in check (including not too much fruit). Anyhoo...initially it took about 2 weeks to see noticeable relief in my joints.
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    My is gluten related as well and several weeks to see the difference

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    Yes - nightshades are a huge issue for me. I have severe arthritis and did a lectin free version of primal to start. You eliminate all the high lectin groups for a period of time and then if/when your joint pain has improved you add one group in at a time to see what the trouble group is. It took about 5 days nightshade free to feel a difference for me but I continued to improve for at least a month or two. Be careful though - nightshades are hidden everywhere! So when you do a trial you have to be a lunatic about reading labels, etc until you get the hang of it. Paprika is hidden in just about everything But it really is worth it.


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    It took about 2-4 weeks to see a big difference in my joint pain when I cut gluten. I'm now following a low starch diet as seen here, well my own paleo version - London AS Diet and it is definately improving things even more. If I eat something starchy now I get bone deep aching all over, very unpleasant.

    It is definately diet that makes the difference. I did a year of iyengar yoga and that didn't help at all.
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    I think it was about 10 days to 2 weeks when I noticed joint pain relief. I still consumed nightshades though. For the past several days I was in a situation where I had no control over my meals and yesterday and today I've had lots of the old aches and pains resurface. I did try to do the best with my meal choices that I could, but it wasn't good.

    As soon as I got back home I went straight back to grain/gluten and sugar free--including fruit-- so I'm hoping those aches and pains go away quickly. I haven't had any nightshades yet, so I think I'll see if the joint pain goes away more quickly if I keep them out.
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    a week or 2 on the joint pain, not real sure because one day I stood up and thought, mmm that was easier than I remember. I cut out grains and sugar (including fruit) at the same time as I added vitamin D (both as sun exposure and 3 x's 1,000 IU tablets) and I am pretty sure that contributed as well.
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