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    It didn't take long, maybe a couple of weeks, to see improvement. My carpal tunnel is 10x better as well.

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    [QUOTE=jammies;567332]Yes - nightshades are a huge issue for me. I have severe arthritis and did a lectin free version of primal to start. You eliminate all the high lectin groups for a period of time and then if/when your joint pain has improved you add one group in at a time to see what the trouble group is. It took about 5 days nightshade free to feel a difference for me but I continued to improve for at least a month or two. Be careful though - nightshades are hidden everywhere! So when you do a trial you have to be a lunatic about reading labels, etc until you get the hang of it. Paprika is hidden in just about everything But it really is worth it.


    I think my worst problem was potatoes. Potato starch is also hidden in many things (shredded cheese, many dressings) also known as modified food starch. I noticed a huge improvement w/in 3 days. This was pre-primal and avoiding nightshades only. I used to ache w/ storms also but now since primal and nighshade free, I rarely have bad days.

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    Another thing to try would be to get a massage regularly. I found that my joints would be sore after harder workouts(usually a day or two), and a friend mentioned that nerve points get blocked, causing the soreness. After a good massage/stretch it loosened things quite well and the pain went away. Just my two pence:-)

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    I had joint pain go away within the first month or so. It was noticeable that the pain disappeared while I was still carrying excess weight.

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    I don't know when my joint pain initially went away BUT I screwed up last night and ate a bag of Doritos (I was starving, I'm deployed, and our food selection is getting progressively worse) and woke up this morning with a wrecked stomach and all my old joint issues. My stomach is back to normal but my knees are still killing... I'll check back in once the pain stops.

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    We went grain free and it didn't improve my husband's arthritic knees. I will see if I can get him to agree to try cutting nightshades. He eats a lot of peppers. He eats them every day in his breakfast omelet and in his lunch salad.

    But in other news, his blood sugar went way down! He's got type 2 diabetes and his home testing numbers are under 100, even when he tests an hour or two after eating! He doesn't get an official blood test til October so I can't say what his other numbers are doing. So for that reason alone, we'll stick with him eating this way, but if his arthritis left, that would be a nice bonus :-D

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    In June I was talking to my husband about going in to have a surgery consult on my shoulder because it hurt so bad. It had been getting worse and worse since last November. I went gluten free July 5th. By July 21st I noticed a huge difference. It still twinged a bit, but it wasn't constant. Now, I am pain free.


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    GAH!!! Something else I can't eat??

    Well this is frustrating! I've been primal for 15 weeks and loving it. 30 scale pounds gone, stable energy levels, and never hungry. Fortunately, I'm the type of person who finds it easy to simply not eat certain I've been 99.9% on the nutrition. No grains, limited fruit (and even then just strawberries or cherries), nothing processed, no crap at all. Plants and animals, healthy fats.

    A cornerstone for me is a big salad topped with slices of beef, or grilled salmon, or chicken, or a can of tuna. Sometimes twice a day. Green and Red Peppers are ALWAYS included, 1/3 to 1/2 of a whole pepper, each kind, as well as a whole roma tomato.

    I was not aware of this joint pain issue with nightshades; however, I have to say that I do suffer from mild joint pain, especially in the a.m. before my body gets warmed up and moving. I have just attributed this to age (51), but must admit that I hoped I could report massive improvements with that due to losing the spare 30 pounds (10 more to go.) No such luck.

    So I will try eliminating the peppers and tomato immediately. I have read conflicting reports on cucumber being a nightshade. Doesn't really seem to be though.

    Any ideas of what else to add to keep color in the salads, as I do believe the more color equates to more varied nutrients. My basic salad (removing the peppers and tomato) is: Organic romaine lettuce; spinach; green olives (from jar); black olives (from can); broccoli; often onion; cucumber (peeled). What else can I add for some color if eliminating peppers and tomatoes? I'm right away thinking radishes; some carrots (have tried to avoid due to higher sugar content); a greater variety of leafy things (bok choy, grated cabbage, etc); Any other ideas.

    I will try eliminating this stuff and see if I notice a difference. Will be blown away if so. The learning continues....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phkemp View Post
    So I will try eliminating the peppers and tomato immediately. I have read conflicting reports on cucumber being a nightshade. Doesn't really seem to be though.
    Botanically, it's not. It's a gourd and not even closely related to nightshades. And I'm not getting any positive hits on searching for cucumber alkaloid or cucumber tropane. That's not to say that they can't have some other mechanism for messing with our bodies. Obviously there are some folks that have bad reactions to them. It's just not the same as nightshades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaisyEater View Post
    Obviously there are some folks that have bad reactions to them. It's just not the same as nightshades.
    *raises hand* Me!
    Within 2 hours of eating bell peppers, I notice a decline in joint happiness ("Oh, you again. Hello there."). Tomatoes don't bother me as much, but cucumbers do! They take about 2 days to kick in, but the pain is just as bad as bell peppers. The cucumbers for me were a little trickier cuz you don't notice the trouble in joint function right away, so I was eating them more frequently. "Oh, cucumbers don't bug me. Let's have another salad tonight!"
    Needless to say, I'm kicking myself right now after coming to realize this. I have a race this weekend, and I'm still working last week's cucumbers out of my system.
    It's sad, cuz as a kid I would sneak into the fridge, steal an entire cucumber, and chow down. They've always been one of my top 5 favorite veggies.
    --Trish (Bork)

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