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Thread: "Spiders" in your stomach: gut flora reaction?

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    "Spiders" in your stomach: gut flora reaction?

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    Okay, this might sound a bit weird ...

    Last Saturday, my grandmother had her 85th birthday. Everything was pretty primal (my mum and dad are on board with PB), but other members of the family brought dishes, and I think I might have eaten something non compliant with a fair bit of sugar in it (though I haven't a clue what it might have been).

    Here is the thing. Ever since then, I have had this feeling in my stomach as though there is a huge nest of spiders or ants crawling around. It is utterly horrible and really overwhelming. I don't have any cravings or anything, but sometimes, the sensation kinda crawls up my throat.

    And it just occurred to me that maybe this sensation is somehow connected to my gut flora; that consuming a fair bit of sugar, when I usually consume so little on PB, has made something in my stomach go mad, like I have reactivated the "bad flora monsters" and all their tentacles are waving around and getting longer.

    Now what I would love to know is ... erm ... is this a completely silly notion? Has anyone experienced anything like this, and if so, what caused it? Could it be something else?

    And how the heck do you get rid of it?

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    Yikes sounds horrible! I'm a total spider-hater so this made my skin crawl!! No I haven't experienced what you're describing, but if you're worried, try taking a good pro-biotic twice daily. Early morning on empty stomach, and just before bed at night.

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