Well, didn't read emails til yesterday afternoon so late to the party. Had had Sugar and Grain yesterday so my 30 days started today, Sept. 13.

No Grains period.
Follow Primal Plan as suggested.
Don't whine.
Look for outcomes that aren't just physical.
such as couch to 5k reboot
observe changes but don't obsess over them

So far today?
too much caffeine in the form of a Starbucks Pumpkin.
B mixed veges and eggs
L giant salad with greens, chx and berries and nuts. yum
d will be more of the same
snack a few nuts and a beef patty grilled.

Also today's plans include:
a menu and a trip to the grocery store for more supplies.
a measuring and a weighing for starting purposes

Todays workout?
Walking and yoga.