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Thread: Primal Journal StickUmbrellaDustCoat

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    Primal Journal StickUmbrellaDustCoat

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    Slipping back into old habits so ...
    Starting the 30 day challenge right now.
    I've been strict paleo but recently I've been adding in too many processed 'treats'.
    Because they haven't been affecting my weight much I've let it slide but there's a lot more to health than body fat.
    Time for a 'back to basics' reboot!

    Goals for the 30 days:
    - re-establish good habits
    - drop sugar
    - stick to exercise plan
    - lose 5lbs

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    Sep 2011

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    Eating good things is easy for me, it's not eating the bad things I need help with!
    Since I started my Primal Journal today I have eaten nothing evil.

    I really appreciate the opportunity to post here, even if I'm the only one that reads this post at least my thoughts are in very good company.

    The hardest part of the day is over for me now and I've managed well. Good luck to everyone else!

    Milestone number 1: go to fill up the car and buy nothing else, done

    Lunch today I had salad:

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