So, I'm doing this 30 day challenge because my boyfriend wants to lose weight and because I feel I could always handle getting in better shape and being a bit more strict on my diet. I eat primal and so does my daughter. She's 15 mts and has never had wheat or sugar! I'm hoping this challenge will just keep things fresh. I probably should have weighed and measured myself today but I can do that tomorrow. So, today I had:

Breakfast: eggs, eggplant, tomatoes and bacon
Lunch: salad (with mda buttermilk ranch) with chicken sausage, no bun
Dinner: fish and scallops with sautéed Swiss chard with bacon
Excersie: I danced for an hour
Sun: 15 min walk outside
Sleep: took a 45 min nap with the baby and going to bed now

My stomach seems a upset. Not sure if it's what I ate today or on Friday. I had wheat on Friday and sometimes it can catch up to me a few days later.

I have nothing packed for work tomorrow and that scares me because if I don't prepare I could potentially fail on the second day. I have things to pack though so I'll just have to wake up earlier. And on that note I should get to bed because sleep is important, too! Goodnight!