Day 1:

-- Primal Food Intake Today --

B: green tea

S: beef jerky

L: ham, flaxseed muffin in a minute

S: carrots

D: Ground Turkey sauteed w/onion & garlic, broccoli

-- WOD --
30 minute walk/hill climb
Heavy lifting (of small children) at odd intervals, usually to fatigue (mine, not theirs)

-- General Musings --
Day 1 and I am excited! I love this challenge and am committing myself to it! It's early days yet and I'm full of excitement today. I need to bottle this excitement and hide it away for a low-energy day later on.

Tomorrow is another busy day, but if I plan tonight for tomorrow, then I know that I'll be able to maintain this momentum. Okay - enough idle typing. I'm off to wrap up my day and plan for the next!