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Thread: vanilla latte?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gojirama View Post
    You know what's dreamy in coffee when I make it at home? Kara coconut cream. It's thick creamy crack. Just divine.

    (I do have a soy mocha anywhere from 2-6 times a month. I know it's not primal, and I'm trying to cut way back by only letting myself have a coffee drink rather than espresso when I have a free drink card. I don't really eat any other legumes anymore, I can't have dairy, and sometimes I just want one, dammit. I have left feedback on Sbux site requesting alternate milks, like rice, but no go so far).
    any idea where I can find kara coconut cream (aside from thanks!

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    I but it at my local Asian market. I haven't found it in chain stores.
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    I used to order ice lattes all the time. Almost $4 if I remember correctly? Then I realized that I could order a tall iced doppio (2 shots of espresso over ice) and then add my own milk from the stuff at the end of the counter. I ended up saving, like, $2 per drink?

    Now I request that they put heavy cream in it and I don't get charged extra. The baristas were confused about what I wanted exactly at first but now they know me so it's no big deal. The cream has it's own sweetness. I just add cinnamon and I'm a happy camper.

    But I recently started making my own espresso at home with my bialetti stove top espresso maker and I do add vanilla extract from time to time. Now I only go to starbucks when I'm craving something horrible, work is treating me badly and I want to treat myself. I like my coffee way better than starbucks anyways.

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