3 weeks in of mostly primal eating and a transition to primal exercise - 5cm off waist and 2kgs down.

30 day challenge starting today - good timing with spring in Melbourne, Australia.

Want a simple goal that kind of links everything - decided that pullups/chinups are a good one as I must go from not being able to do one complete unaided chinup/pullup (current state) to being able to do 10 of each (with a rest in the middle) over the 30 days. The linking element of pullups/chinups is that I must hit the workouts well but most importantly get great compliance on eating so as to drop some fat kilos if I am to reach the goal.

It is a bit of a stretch goal so to avoid disappointment I am setting it up this way:

minor success: >3 of each
good effort: >5 of each
great effort: 10 of each
spectacular effort: >10 of each

Going out to the shed now for a chinup/pullup mini workout with a chair underneath the bar.