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Thread: Timothy's Journal of Primal Peregrination

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    Congratulations to you and the whole family! Excellent news!!
    Live. Grow. Flourish.

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    Congratulations, Timothy! Having witnessed your parenting last year at PrimalCon, I can say your boys are lucky to have you as a father.
    Il faut vivre et non pas seulement exister.

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    Oh man! I missed congratulating you on your new little one! I've been off the Journal for a while, getting back to it though. Hope the new tyke is letting you get some sleep, man.
    Today I will: Eat food, not poison. Plan for success, not settle for failure. Live my real life, not a virtual one. Move and grow, not sit and die.

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    Hello everybody! Whew, five months went by in the blink of an eye. I regret dropping the ball so utterly and completely, but rest assured I've been keeping it very real indeed. My lifts... oh, Grok, my lifts. I'll spare you the details but it's all on Fitocracy (Gnugnug is my name there, some poser had already taken Timothy).

    Oh, and I posted my latest shovelglove course just a couple of days ago! Now with video goodness: Shovelglove 201 - Comprehensive Review

    @localad: Thank you! It was from the heart. And reading it really takes me back to those insane first days.

    @firemedicgrok: Your advice was most appropriate. As it happened there was a bit of a health scare with the baby for a few weeks, and I buckled and ate restaurant food. Including pancakes! With god knows what in them and certainly gluten! Syrup too, which was surely nothing more than HFCS with industrial flavoring. I did not explode completely, but it was not fun. Gained 15 pounds which I only recently finished peeling off. Happily, Max pulled through magnificently and he is now disgustingly healthy. And say, do you happen to have any good trance recommendations? I thrive on that stuff.

    @HarpLady: Wow, four kids! Cannot even "conceive" of it, haha. And all natural. You must be incredibly fit. Thanks for liking my journal!

    @Sungrazer: Missed you! Got to catch up on your doings.

    @Ray-NJ: Thanks, man!

    @Phreebie: Much appreciated!

    @superdeluxe: You're very kind to say that! We have been having a great time. Leo is totally affectionate and protective of his baby brother, the opposite of what I had feared. So proud of my little guys.

    @Uncephalized: Been missing your trenchant remarks! Holy cow, so much catching up to do. Will take a long time indeed.

    Now off to tackle 11 pages of subscribed threads...

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