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Thread: I am convinced wish me luck

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    Sep 2011
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    Cooking for Sabbath. I don't cook on Sabbath so I make everything on Friday. Lucky I don't work then.

    This morning made Elana's Paleo Bread..really good it's hubby's favorite bread. Nuttela from Elana's pantry used organic agave as I didn't know what other sweetener would go with hazelnuts. I'm in the midst of making Sara Farguso's egg cupcakes but I unpaleo them as I add heavy cream, and goat's cheese. This time for veg I used 3 roasted onions and a piece from a roasted pumpkin roasted.

    Earlier in the morning I roasted cauliflower/broccoli and potatoes. I plan to sear my chicken breasts after marinading them in coconut and curry.

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    Sep 2011
    Just got back from a social gathering and I didn't eat anything there. I was not hungry at all and even though there was pleanty I could eat I felt that if I don't need it why eat it.

    I went round the table with hubby and told him what he shouldn't put on his plate. He really made wise choices.

    The reason I wasn't hungry was because I'm going by Marks 80% 20% rule. This morning we had home made ice-cream with lindt mint chocolate for the chocolate chips in the ice cream (full fat cream, sour cream, 2 tsp of coconut palm sugar, 1 tbs vanilla extract).

    We ran out of heavy cream so co cream was used in my coffee and tea today.

    I made nuttela from Elana's pantry it uses 5 tbs of agave but I think it's worth the carbs since I only had a heaped tsp mixed with berries, 1/2 a nectarine and coconut cream for dessert. The best dessert.

    I also had (Wheat Belly's author recipe) biscotti dipped in chocolate. Yum Yum

    Of course I had chicken, hamburger, roasted broccoli and a huge salad at lunch too.

    I went to the gym did 40 minutes on the cycle and 5 minutes on a vibrating machine which releases muscle and works on your fat cells.

    On Friday I made egg cup muffins (Everyday paleo) with roasted pumpkin and onions used as the veg.

    Paleo bread, sitting in fridge will take to work tomorrow for breakfast or lunch.

    Chicken soup (eaten friday night, left over chicken from it is in fridge to add to a stir fry, the soup will be good for a broth so I'm freezing it)
    Hubby made schnitzel for the kids.
    Chicken, whole chicken roasted with a splash of white wine, salt, onion bits
    Roasted broccoli and cauliflower
    Roasted potatoes (for kids and 1 for hubby)
    Couscous (for kids)
    Curried chicken breast (marinated in curry paste +curry powder and coconut cream and then pan seared)

    Biscotti dipped in chocolate (86%)
    Peanut butter and chocolate bites (these defrost fast...1 cup of peanut butter mixed into melted chocolate (about 2 oz of chocolate) and then frozen. Yum yum. I wonder what would help them not melt so fast

    I did have some macadamias and I'm on day 11 of TOM. A bit frustrated.

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    Sep 2011
    Wow what a great time.

    Play was done with hubby. We just stayed up half the night laughing about nonsense.

    Down to my original goal weight this morning. yey yey yey. With having a chocolaty weekend. It's all about portions and proportions.

    Gave the kids meat sandwiches for their breakfast break at school.

    I think I will take a smoked salmon sandwich for lunch using paleo bread. Will see once hubby is up what he wants for lunch.

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    Date morning

    Played hooky from work this morning and went on the new tram in Jerusalem, Israel. Cool and fun.

    Had brunch in cafe: salad, cheese, omelet, tuna salad, olives. Ate till satisfied. Ignored the bread. Hubby had one piece of wholemeal bread.
    Hubby had fruit juice and I had a plain bottle of seltzer.
    Hubby finished off with a mug of cappuccino. I had an Americano. I took a sip of his Cappucino and it was far too rich for me. A few months back I would have downed the cappuccino without thinking about it. Funny how taste buds change.

    Got to work very late (2 pm) and plan to leave at 20:30 as we need to work off what we ate ;-).

    Had an espresso with cream at work at 16:00pm. Don't think I will eat before the work out and then we will see if I even want supper or just a quick drink.

    Loving the primal way of life.

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    Never got to the work out as we had to both work late. Then remembered that there was no coconut oil or coconut cream left in the house so went shopping.

    This morning I made sandwiches for work.
    Paleo bread (4 slices to make two sandwiches) with mascarpone cheese, lettuce and smoked salmon. Does food get any tastier than that?
    1 baby bell cheese sandwiched between two sun dried tomatoes
    1 egg cupcake (the ones I made on Friday). I am now comfortably full.

    For lunch I packed a salad with a whole avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and sauerkraut. Gave hubby the left over curried chicken breasts and same salad box as mine.

    I hope I will get to the gym tonight. Supper will be yogurt with rhubarb, home made nuttela and Mr. Peanut butter bread crumbs.

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    Got to gym cycled for 40 minutes went on vibrating machine for 5 did some weights and stretches. Hubby originally signed up for 3 months and was told we could extend to a year if he wanted to continue. Now we are told he will have to pay a lot more if he extends. I'm not happy because it took a lot for him to agree to be a member and now his membership ran out.

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    So much has happened in the last 3 days.
    First of this really works. Did accidental IF for two out of the three days. Just wasn't hungry.

    Had really good nutrious meals. I love my veg so need to have that as the bulk of my meal also helps to stop constipation. Which is part of the IBS I suffer from on the semi-SAD diet.

    My challenge of 30 days primal has started on Fatsecret.

    Swam today with my youngest kid (12 year old ADHD) which is fun because he is so fast and good at swimming and needs the exercise for relieving the ADHD behavior.

    Wed night took Self magazine's boot camp exercises to the gym and did that
    Last night went out with my best friend trying to get her to give up processed foods...we had a salad with asparagus, green beans, sesame seeds and
    cashew nuts. I'm sure there was something in the dressing that was a lot of carbs. Showed a slight gain this morning but not worried it will come off. My friend told me I looked terrific as we hadnt seen each other for several months.

    Hubby went to Dr. and the Dr. was happy with his progress and commented that he should keep on. He should just have less dairy to help recover from a stomach virus he had last week. Hubby is moree like 70% 30% than 80% 20% but it still works for him.

    For Saturday I just finished cooking: meat burgers, steak and more steak, chicken soup is in crockpot, roasted potatoes for kids, rice (for kids), okra in wine and tomato sauce

    I have biscotti from last week and peanut butter cups also from last week for my 20%.

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    Finished 30 days but 4 pounds heavier

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    Not good timing. My festivities kind of spoilt the hard work I've been doing for the last few months. I couldn't exercise as much as I usually do and I just overate. I'v been bouncing back and forth with 6 pounds for the past 1/2 a year and it is so frustrating.

    Back on track now with just one more long weekend that is a festival (starting on Wed evening) and my sabbath. I hope to stay on track this time. I find that the 80% 20% rule works for me during the week but at the weekend it is more like 60% 40% which isn't the greatest.

    The + side is that I finally have ankles (never had them before), they are stocky but they exist.

    I feel really sick when I eat grains or a lot of sugar and my IBS flares up. Not to mention that my energy just disappears. I need to remember how that extra piece of cake makes me feel before I let it get anywhere near my mouth.

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