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Thread: Rhyno's Primal Journal (Sept 12 30 Day Challenge)

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    Rhyno's Primal Journal (Sept 12 30 Day Challenge)

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    Cool, I'll post tonight.

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    9/13 Meal 1- Eggs (4), Chorizo, and sausage

    Workout- KB's

    Green Drink

    Dinner- beef, and New York Strips (2)

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    Meal 1 - Eggs (4) Chorizo, Bacon 4 slices

    Green Drink

    Meal Two- 2 Hamburger patties w/ sauteed mushrooms and onions w/ yellow mustard.

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    Fell-off, on and off again... going to ride it out until my b-day, though (1/11/13)

    See what kind of results I can produce.

    Breakfast- Egg and beef casserole w/ hot-sauce.

    Dinner- Sirloin steak w/ Guacamole!!

    Weighed my seld at the gym, an even 240. When I first started I was around 280, but I slacked and lost momentum, after some partying this weekend... I'm re-committed. Want to be at a very lean 180 by my 28th birthday in January.

    I'll try and post everyday, for accountability if nothing else.
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