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Thread: pregnant ladies~ would you eat raw liver?

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    pregnant ladies~ would you eat raw liver?

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    i've read in a few places (wapf was one of them) that consuming raw liver during pregnancy is a really healthful thing to do.

    Basically you just take some ranged liver, chop it into pea sized bits, freeze for 14 days to kill parasites, then swallow a few each day like frozen pills. Or you can get hardcore and make a raw liver bloody mary smoothie (gah).

    I don't know if i could do it but i was thinking about trying it out. I just wonder what benefit there would be compared to cooked liver, which i generally enjoy a couple of times a month.

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    does not sound appetizing! I'd try it raw fresh from a kill, though.
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    I would, provided it was from a source I trusted.

    And also provided I could stomach it, lol. Not there yet.

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    Peggy at the Primal Parent blog eats her liver raw.

    Not for me, thanks!

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    No way.
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    i dont see that there would be nutritional benefit to eating it raw really

    i like liver and onions, i think i'll just stick with that! (unless someone has a really compelling reason to take it raw)

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    I eat raw liver (I try to eat it daily). I'm not pregnant but want to be soon-ish, and plan to continue eating it then, too.

    I get local organic lambs liver which has a much milder flavour than beef liver. I chop it up into tiny pieces, freeze it for awhile, then take a portion out (about 5 tablespoons), squeeze some lemon juice on, and swallow small spoonfuls whole. Eating it raw makes it easier to digest and also leaves the enzymes intact.

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