I've been flirting with you all for a while.
I've been checking MDA almost daily for about a year. I bought the Primal Blueprint and both cookbooks. I committed, publicly and privately. I want so badly to end the destructive relationship I have with food and start afresh. We've been dating for a while, paleo and I. However, I can't help but cheat, not matter how hard I try to stay faithful. It's that glitzy, comforting, decadent option. Sugar.

I'm addicted to sugar. Rarely have I been more than three days without it. But I refuse to let anything be the master of me! I won't be a slave to a craving.

I'm tired of being afraid to participate in activities because I don't consider myself very athletic. I'm tired of feeling pudgy. And I'm tired of thinking about cookies all day long.

So, here I am, starting at 147 pounds, a little pudgy, and tired of the cycle of craving sugar, feeling disgusted with myself, pledging to start anew and going right back where I started--the fridge.

For me, the PB challenge means no cycle of guilt.
It means no sugar or dairy or grains.
It means good portions.
It means reducing stress and sleeping 8 hours a night.
For me, the PB challenge means change.

Ok kids, here we go!


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