I didn't read the the "rules" for starting a primal journal so I'm going to wing it for this first post.

Seems prudent to assume I must state some sort of goals or the like during the introductory post.

They are as follows:

1. Stay 100% compliant during the 30 day Primal Challenge
2. Perform the PBF regime during the challenge
3. Recruit at least one family/friend to at least read Primal Blueprint (if they want to forsake their health at that point, their viscous; small, dense, LDL packed blood is not on my hands)

Tertiary goals, Documentation of:

1. Subjective (look, feel, perform)
2. Objective (laboratory biomarkers, body measurements)
3. Video diary of the 30 day experience and beyond

Everyone seems to be writing what they're eating... I had three eggs and three strips of bacon for breakfast.