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Thread: GarciaGrok's Primal Journal

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    GarciaGrok's Primal Journal

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    I've been loosely following the Primal Blueprint for about a month, and have been feeling and sleeping better already! The trouble comes when I'm travelling and have a limited selection of appropriate foods to choose from.

    This last weekend was my last trip until December, so I'm heading into this challenge with both guns blazing!

    My goals are:
    -give up the grains! I'm not a big bread eater, but I have been finding hidden grains here and there that need to go, and when I'm not eating much at home I find it difficult to stay away.
    -hit the gym for strength work 3x/week and the pool twice a week for some lengths.
    - Sleep for at least 8 hours per night. This will likely be my biggest challenge. Right now I average about 6.5 hrs/night and go through the day exhausted.

    Let's do this!!

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    Day one recap

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    I think I did pretty well!

    I've been listening to my body lately - when it's hungry, when it's not, and trying to differentiate between hunger and thirst.

    I had coffee yesterday for breakfast, mostly because I wasn't hungry in the mornings. It's weird - if I feed myself in the mornings, I'm hungrier later on. If I skip breakfast, it's easier to control my caloric intake. Maybe I'm just eating the wrong foods in the morning? My plan is to make some paleo egg muffins this weekend to keep around for a quick morning breakfast. Full of veggies and bacon of course.

    Lunch was my usual club salad, the only thing not paleo there would be the mayo. I'm hoping to make some EVOO mayo this weekend.

    Dinner was some trail mix (nuts, seeds, dried fruit) and a nectarine. I kind of OD'd on my carb count yesterday, but I'm still under 100, so that's good.

    No gym - got too busy at lunch yesterday with work

    Today, however, is an arms day!

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