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Thread: Primal Journal -- Starting at Age 60 -- dkd2001

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    Primal Journal -- GOING PRIMAL AT AGE 60 -- dkd2001

    September 12, 2011, Day One of this year's 30 Day Challenge, and my first Challenge.

    Background: As I noted in my Journal title, I'm starting Primal at age 60. My diet history, as is true for most women, is one of ups and downs -- most successful probably with Atkins 10 or 12 years ago. But, I gradually fell off -- started eating a bit of bread, a bit of potato, then more. Weight crept back on. Did a full elimination diet in early 2009 -- found problems with corn, mushrooms, chicken egg yolk (but not duck!), basil, and a few other things. Lost 20 pounds without trying. Didn't lose any fat, however.

    So in May 2009 I started a 12 week body building challenge. Did the weight program, did HIIT 3 times a week, ate 5 to six smaller meals every day. Lost weight and put on muscle. Got down to 164 pounds, size eight, and felt great. Then I started the next 12 week challenge devoted to building muscle -- The heavy weights were too much for my joints. Strain and pain resulted. I kept with the diet, but without the daily exercise grind, pounds came back on. So, by April 2011, I was up to 190. I read Robb Wolf's Paleo Diet and remembered Atkins successes from the past. So I went high Protein, high fat and low carb. I managed to lose a few pounds, but have been stuck around 182 form most of the summer.

    Started reading more. Read Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat. Liked the science (I spent 10 years doing cancer research and have a MA in Biology, so I like science) so I read his earlier book, GCBC and realized that many of the things I saw during the time I did research weren't aberrations, but were the way that Big Science works today -- hand in glove with Big Government. Somewhere in there, I found Mark's Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint. Love the ideas. Love especially the exercise component and the idea of play. No more lifting three reps of weights to failure! My elbows rejoice!

    So, I've been doing Primal eating since May. Started a leptin reset on July 19 -- but since I haven't been doing a consistent job with the reset, I continue. Still, this morning I realized that I slept thru the night for the second time this week. So maybe I'm getting there! With the leptin reset, (Jack Krause at regular exercise is discouraged. I have been REALLY compliant there.

    I do feel ready to start some workouts. I have a Total Gym, and I use it for the start-up overhead press and chin-up routines. Pushups are on a slant (I'm using a high railing at this point.) I don't personally do knee push-ups -- they don't work quite the same muscles and are hard on those unhappy joints, so I'm working down from wall pushups to railing, to lower and lower until I'm finally on the floor. (I have never done a pushup in my life from the floor, with good form.) Planks, I'm starting with a standard plank (arms strait planks are too hard on my elbows) -- only 20 seconds at this point, with 15 seconds on right and left. Squats -- I can do about 20 and really need to pay attention to form and knee tracking! Squats really push my heart rate as well, which I hadn't noticed in the past.

    I'm happy to be doing the 30 day challenge. Doing regular reporting really helps me stay psyched!

    Today I will do LHT workout. And start packing for the end of the summer -- I live on Vancouver Island in the summer and Boulder, Colorado in the winter. We leave for the States on Friday (drive to Victoria, catch the Blackball ferry to Port Angeles, WA and on to Hillsboro OR and a visit to my mother-in-law. Home in Boulder on Monday evening. Have a weekend karate camp starting on the Friday after I return. Not ready for that one!

    This morning, for breakfast, I had a fried porkchop (in coconut oil and goatmilk butter) with two duck eggs, some green chilies and leftover fresh salsa. And two squares of Endangered Species Extra Dark Chocolate (88%). The huge breakfast keeps me going until two or so (today had breakfast at about 7:30 am.)

    My problems with Leptin Reset Compliance: I rarely eat within 30 minutes of rising -- since I have to cook my breakfast (and I take my thyroid pill upon rising) it often takes an hour to get breakfast on the table. My other lack of compliance -- wine. Most evenings. We have an active wine group on the island, and we get together often. Since we socialize much less in Colorado, I think that I will go dry for a month or two, and see if that helps with kicking the weight down. I will also start tracking daily -- I've been using Diet Tracker -- and will decide if I want to do some calorie restriction as well.

    See you all tomorrow!
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