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Thread: Squirty Cream Kcal question

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    Squirty Cream Kcal question

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    I have a petty post, but I want to know. I can't quite workout the calories of my 'usual' serving of cream in my coffee.

    Per '100g' its

    Protein : 2.3g
    Carbs : 8g
    Fat: 29g

    Thing is, I have no idea of what 100g of cream looks like. And I doubt wheying my serving would be of any use, can't be more than 7-10g surely?

    What can you estimate?!

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    it looks like the can has 500 many servings do you get out of a can? that would be an ok approximation...

    do you have a food scale? put filled mug on scale....set to zero grams....fill with usual cream to determine exactly what you are using.

    good luck

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    I'm not even sure why I looked this up, but here ya go haha:

    A serving of reddi whip is 5g, or 2 Tb. So you could try doing it out in tablespoons; looks like you're estimate of 10g might be about right.

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