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    I'd eat that, but prolly find it too sweet too. From what I remember, the filling of pork buns is usually pretty sweet. You may be able to use it almost as a meat condiment.

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    Just reading the description and my stomach is growling...mmm pork. Assuming it was for a group this was for multiple meals anyway so it's not much sugar per serving.
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    No wait it has a tiny bit of sugar in it it is poison aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
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    I'm surprised but how food-liberal this whole group is! I was sure I'd get some comments about why bother eating primal if you're not going to strive for 100%

    I would never throw it - have been eating it on broccoli (thanks for that suggestion) with some white rice and have really be enjoying it. I will bring a container in for a co-worker because she found the pork belly source for me. It is a large portion - so I am actually a little surprised that 1/3 cup of sugar could make it SO sweet. Would some sweetness come from the cooked down sake?

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