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Thread: It's not working for me?

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    I wouldn't start messing around with IF'ing etc until you way down the track. You're only one month in, just stick to the PB as prescribed for a few months to a year and concentrate on getting healthier and fitter, you won't need to worry about losing body fat it will just happen.

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    I's also recommend forgetting about deliberately IFing - at least until you're within about 20lb of your goal weight. I'd suggest eating regularly and aiming for around 50-70g of carb a day.

    Personally I've found eating lots of protein, non starch veg, berries, fish and eggs and drinking lots of water works for me. Fats are naturally in my meat, fish and eggs so other than a bit of oil for cooking I don't see any need to eat fat for fats sake.

    Nuts I think is a very bad idea and shouldn't be eaten at all if you're trying to lose weight.

    I did far better with weight loss while I was avoiding all dairy - I now know that my system is OK with a limited amount - but I've found just by adding a bit ie a cafe latte a couple of times a week and a tub of Greek style yogurt it seems to have increased my craving so if you can cut them out completely I'd advise that, but either way they definitely need to be severely limited if you want to lose weight.

    Do you also do some exercise - Ie walk the dog, go swimming, ride a bike for 30 mins a day as I think this really helps both with stress levels and generally getting you're body working properly (not chronic cardio like an aerobics or step class as you'd need to up your carbs to do those).

    Hang in there - even 5lb a month will add up and the most important thing is you've stopped the rot - rather than think Aww its only 5lb try thinking - Yes I'm now in control of my eating and I haven't put any more on so I will get back to where I want to be rather than end up as 300lb plus in a few years.
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