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Thread: charley horse in my left calf at will

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    charley horse in my left calf at will

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    for some reason whenever i point my toes down on my left foot i can get my left calf to cramp up in a charley horse. on occassion it happens when im not expecting it and it takes a while to unlock it or straighten out my leg

    from what i can remember thinking back i think ive had this problem for a long time, well before going primal. its just recently its started concerning me.

    so reading several threads on the board it seems maybe im low on calcium/magnesium/potassium. my question is would being low on 1 or more of those cause me to be able to create a charley horse??

    what could some other causes of this be?
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    Could be what you mentioned and/or dehydration.

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    I get the same thing, but in my back. If I lie down on the floor, and tighten my stomach muscles, my entire back will seize and cramp up, going rock hard. I've had the same thing with my calf muscles too. I stay well hydrated, and take calcium/magnesium every day along with Vit D at fairly high levels, so I doubt its that with me. I hope someone has some insight.
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    this would happen to me if when I was laying down on my back relaxing if i stretched my toes pointed down. I would get horrid charlie horses in my calves..
    Since I started taking magnesium I haven't had one in monthes and monthes

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