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    Well, THAT was fun!

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    I don't know how much the rest of the world heard or cared about it but southern California is recovering from the biggest blackout in history.

    Yesterday at about 3:30pm all the lights, AC, computers, etc. from Orange county down into northern Baja California went off. Upwards of 3 million people in the dark. There were a lot of traffic incidents as all the signals stopped working plus everyone decided to go home at the same time. I was very glad to be, and stay, at home while they got things sorted out.

    I spent the evening with a friend. We cracked open a bottle of wine and had salad plus leftovers dinner by candlelight on my terrace.

    The whole thing wasn't too traumatic but it got me to thinking about disaster preparedness in general.
    The best purchase I ever made was that little hand crank and/or solar powered radio. In an event like that, you need to know what is going on. Yesterday there were wild (ultimately untrue) rumors swirling around about terrorist attacks and all kinds of other nonsense.

    I think people rely way too much on their gadgets. When the power goes out, low tech is best.

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    2nd the emergency radio. My local public radio station (KQED in San Francisco) gives them out as a membership premium. Quite appropriate for earthquake country.

    I also have a phone that requires no power beyond what is on the public switched telephone network even though I use my mobile almost exclusively. The PSTN has good backup for these situations. I have the cheapest metered usage plan. The ringer is off since only telemarketers call it. But it's there just in case. $14/month including fees and taxes but I find it good peace of mind.

    Refreshing and organizing my emergency supplies was actually on my list of things to do this weekend. The earthquake and hurricane back east and the power outage reminded me I've been meaning to do it for awhile.

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    I predict and population inflation in about.. oh.. say 9 months

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    What am I doing? Depends on the day.

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    I need to stock up on candles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by athomeontherange View Post
    I predict and population inflation in about.. oh.. say 9 months
    LOL I was thinking the same thing. "Hmm...honey, the lights are out..." Queue the music -

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    sounds like Google must have used the blender while everything else was plugged in, blew a fuse. hate it when that happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HillsideGina View Post
    I need to stock up on candles!
    Not only that but know where your matches are. Thankfully the power went out here while it was still light enough to find and round up things like lamps, candles, batteries, flashlights (with dead batteries in them) etc. If it went out after dark you would really be fumbling around.

    Also a few of the water districts in San Diego county were under a notice to boil their water because the pumps weren't working and things were backing up. People, especially in dry country like this, need to be sure to have enough water stored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canio6 View Post
    LOL I was thinking the same thing. "Hmm...honey, the lights are out..." Queue the music -
    Lots of June babies in Cali. How very romantic.

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    I didn't hear about it. We had a couple bad power outtages a few years ago that lasted a couple days each. One was when it was freezing outside & one when it was about 100 degrees. Great timing. Lots of fun with three little kids in the house. I wouldn't mind having one today. I don't feel like working.

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    All the schools are off for the day today even though the power is back on. So most businesses are probably running at half staff because everybody all of a sudden has kids to deal with for the day. SoCal is having our version of a "Snow Day" today.

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