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Thread: Primal Journal - PowerMe

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    Primal Journal - PowerMe

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    Hello everyone. I have been eating 80/20 for a while and doing a bit of exercise. Already feel much better, and decided to give the challenge a try.

    Got tons of things to do so I don't know how well I'll manage. I'll give it my best shot though

    I could really use some help "counting carbs".

    This morning I had an espresso with a coffespoon of thick cream, and ate a grapefruit.

    Will check my weight later on, maybe post a photo.

    UPDATE : Personal challenges
    Track carbs, so as to learn. Ultimate goal of attaining ketosis and burning belly fat.
    Lift heavy things. Fat will not burn itself .

    Not too probable but would be nice: a lower stress level & more play.

    UPDATE II : Some stats
    1.83 m (6 feet)
    84 kg (185 lbs)
    must try this later on ...
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    10 Sept (Saturday): 100g

    BF: 36,5g
    6,5g rice cracker with half an inch of butter
    20,0g medium grapefruit
    10,0g cup of coffe & milk

    Lunch: 11,6g
    0,0g two home made burgers (all our beef is pastured beef - yay!)
    0,6g two eggs fried w/lard
    11,0g one orange

    Afternoon snacks: 37,3g
    7,0g a handfull of almonds
    9,3g 1oz (30g) cashew nuts -castañas de caju
    21,0g 4 prunes (5.4g each!)

    Dinner: 15,3g
    1,3g 3/4 of a meatza (1/2 tomato = 0.6/2= 0.3g |50g mozzarella = 2.1g / 2 = 1g)
    14,0g portion of dark choco (una hilera de 4 Arcor 53%)
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    11 sept (Sunday) :
    Exercise: 6 x 15 second sprints on the beach, barefoot.
    Carbs: 60g

    BF: 20,8g

    10,0g cup coffe & milk
    4,0g 1/3 glass natural yogurt
    6,5g rice cracker w/butter
    0,3g 1 egg fried in lard

    Lunch: 17.8g
    14.5g Salad: tomato (medium=4.8g), onion (med=3g), cucumber(med=4.4g), red pepper(med=7.1g) w/olive oil, aceto & orégano
    (4.8+3+4.4+7.1) / 4 * 3 portions = 14.5
    3.3 Spinach, veg & dunno_what thing... (w/two spoons of almidon de maíz for 20 portions, I had one)
    0.0g Tongue w/vinaigrette

    Snacks: 18.3g
    5.0g 20 almonds
    3.3g 5 cashew nuts
    10.0g cup cafe con leche

    Supper: 3.0g
    3.0g small portion of lettuce (1taza=1.6g), carrot(medium=5.9g) & cabbage(1taza=3.9g) salad
    1.6+5.9+3.9=11.4, /4=2.85 ~ 3g
    0g hard boiled egg
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    12 Sept (Monday)
    Carbs: 57g

    BF: 12g
    12g one glass natural yoghurt
    1 espresso
    0g 2 slices ham

    Lunch: 15g
    0.3g 1/4 Meatza (half a tomato and a bit of mozzarella, meat )
    good portion of salad (leftover yesterday's lunch)
    11.7g 1 tangerine

    Dinner: 30g
    0.0g Roasted Meat
    0.6g 1 tomato w/ homemade mayonnaise (olive oil)
    6.0g 1 cup broccoli sauteed in bacon salad
    4.0g 6 kernels cashew nuts
    20g dark chocolate 55%
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    Good luck with your 30 day journey!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leea View Post
    Good luck with your 30 day journey!!
    Thank you Leea. One of my personal challenges is to track my carb intake.

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    13 Sept (Tuesday)
    Exercise: 1/2 hour walk on sand
    Carbs: 50.4g

    Note: trying to ease up on dairy & fruit to cut carbs further.

    BF: 0g
    0g 1 egg fried in lard + cup of tea

    Lunch: 6.0g
    6.0g 1 cup broccoli sauteed in bacon salad
    0.0g Tongue w/vinaigrette

    Tea: 21.5g
    0g pork rinds
    21.5g 1/2 cup hot chocolate: 1/2 cup milk (6.5g) + 15g from 25g of chocolate
    0g can of tuna chunks

    Dinner: 22.9g
    0.6g 2 portions meatza
    14.3g 1 1/2 cup Waldorf salad (apple, celery, walnuts, mayonnaise)
    8.0g 12 kernels cashew nuts
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    14 Sept (Wednesday)
    Exercise: a tiny bit of swimming & moving (in club's swimming pool)
    Carbs: 27.7g

    BF: 0g
    0g 1 egg fried in lard + ham slice

    5.0g 1/2 cup Waldorf salad
    0.6g 2 portions meatza

    "Tea": 14g
    4.0g 6 kernels cashew nuts
    0g ham & salami slices
    10.0g cup coffe & milk

    0g meat
    2.7g one chicken nugget
    4.4g half tomato (2.4g) and some leafs of lettuce (2g) w/olive oil
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    15 Sept (Thursday)

    Exercise: none
    Carbs: 61g

    BF: 8g
    4g two crackers w/ half an inch of butter
    4g some kernels cashew nuts
    0g one egg and bacon

    Lunch: 7g
    0g meat
    3g 4 flowerets cauliflower
    4g some kernels cashew nuts

    "Tea": 22g
    2g cracker w/ butter
    20g 1 1/2 glass of yoghurt

    Dinner: 24g
    3g 4 flowerets cauliflower
    6g Strogonoff (meat, cream 0.7, butter 0.1, wine glass=5.5->1, onion medium 11g->2 & mushrooms 1/2cup=1g ->0)
    15g apple
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