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Thread: Primal Journal - PowerMe

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    Primal Journal - PowerMe

    Hello everyone. I have been eating 80/20 for a while and doing a bit of exercise. Already feel much better, and decided to give the challenge a try.

    Got tons of things to do so I don't know how well I'll manage. I'll give it my best shot though

    I could really use some help "counting carbs".

    This morning I had an espresso with a coffespoon of thick cream, and ate a grapefruit.

    Will check my weight later on, maybe post a photo.

    UPDATE : Personal challenges
    Track carbs, so as to learn. Ultimate goal of attaining ketosis and burning belly fat.
    Lift heavy things. Fat will not burn itself .

    Not too probable but would be nice: a lower stress level & more play.

    UPDATE II : Some stats
    1.83 m (6 feet)
    84 kg (185 lbs)
    must try this later on ...
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