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Thread: Primal Journal - PowerMe

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    8 Nov (Tuesday)
    Still low carb - sigo comiendo bajo en carbohidratos.
    La prueba sirvió para aprender a estimar la cantidad que como cada día, y para ver que no es difícil comer un poco menos de 100 g por día.
    El peso actual es de menos de 80kg.
    Ahora tocará fitness - body fat.

    Para calcular el body fat (grasa en el cuerpo):

    para fitness:

    Gimnasio e voce - comencé 9 de Noviembre pesando 80.5kg

    y Gain Strength And Muscle While Losing Fat
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    21 Dec (Wed)


    Still low carb. I don't think I will ever be anything but low carb. I just don't feel well if I eat "too much" carbs. And all that gas... gross. Only if I am very poor. going ok so far.

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    'been a long while.

    Still low carb. Bit of trouble at home, where they still set themselves up for disaster by munching gluten. Breaks my heart to see them, but the wife doesn't want to change.

    StrongLifts worked wonders. I "had" to stop during the summer and haven't started again yet. I will do it though... am already missing it too much.

    I'll check my BMI and report back soon. I'll use
    Online Body Fat Percentage Calculator

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    analisis 26/11

    Glicemia: 0,84g/l
    Colesterol: 209 mg/dl
    HDL: 45 mg/dl
    I.A.: 209/45 = 4.6 (normal < 4)
    Trigliceridos: 79 mg/dl
    Creatinina: 1.09 mg/dl

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