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    Hospitalen food

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    In the hospital i'm in i get bread for breakfast, a warm high carb meal in the afternoon and again bread with cheese/jelly/balony in the evening.
    I dient eat this morning(its 9am) and my girlfriend is coming with some 'primal' food at 11. But what would you advice for the rest of the day?

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    If it's possible, call your gf and ask her to bring you something extra to snack on, or ask the staff if there're any other options (e.g. chicken breast, vegetables, anything that's better than a sandwich) - that's all I can think of.

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    Have you told them you react negatively to gluten?

    That'll probably get you rice, oatmeal, and gluten-free cake for dessert, but it might get you meat and veggies and fruit.

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