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Thread: Oily Poo -- Alarming or OK?

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    Oily Poo -- Alarming or OK?

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    I'm a 63 year old female, eating 90%-plus primal since mid-July 2011. Feeling benefits on all fronts and getting smaller at a comfortable pace. No noticeable down-effects. My gut certainly seems to be healthier. Having come from the Zone, I'm comfortable with healthy oils and eat a lot of fat, now including coconut oil. But there are often large globules of oil floating in the toilet tank with the fecal material. I am assuming that this is just unassimilated food and not a cause for alarm. I've recently relocated an haven't yet found a new MD, much less one who'll be Primal-friendly. Should I be hurrying up the MD-hunt based on what's in the tank?

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    Steatorrhea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I used to get it a fair bit when I was eating lots of gluten. It is probably a sign that something is a little off.

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