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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldstar View Post
    Pork rinds, that's ingenious!
    That's one of the best compliments one can give me. Thank you, Goldstar!

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    I can recommend the grain-free granola (otherwise known as 'Nola') over at Girl Gone Primal - especially with a drizzle of cream. Yum yum.

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    I'm new, but I also dislike eggs

    I've been brining a container with full-fat yogurt, lots of fruit (currently strawberries and blueberries), and some almonds. On the weekends when I'm home I make a smoothie with whey protein powder.

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    My husband just had a cold and wouldn't want an omlette, so for 2 days of the weekend I made more 'comfy' breakfasts.

    Saturday: peaches and babanas fried in butter and then broiled with a drizzle of honey
    Sunday: coconut meal/water and banana pancakes with a bit of tapioc starch

    He's feeling better now, so back to eggs & mushrooms & veg breakkies. ANd he is another 2 lbs down Primal really does wonders for men even with those carby "deviations"!
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