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Thread: My elbows are killing me. Could it be the weight machines? page

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    My elbows are killing me. Could it be the weight machines?

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    Since moving to a new condo with workout facilities, I have started working out with the Life Fitness weight stack machines. Overhead Press, Seated Chest Press, Lat Pull-downs, two positions. And, I have been making progress both in increased weight/reps, and in visible results. But my elbows and forearms hurt all the freakin' time! Last night I picked up a bag of garbage to toss, and it hurt just to pick up that light weight.
    Before this I was doing kettlebell swings and TGUs, and some dumbbell work. Never any joint problems or pain except the usual muscle soreness. The only other new varible is that the condo also has a pool, and I have begun swimming again for the first time in many years, so I guess that there are two possible causes. Any insights or first-hand experience with this problem?

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    I've heard that one major drawback to machines is that they force you to work in the plane that the machine works in, regardless of how your particular joints are set up. Not saying this is necessarily what's going on, but maybe look into it.

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    You can make yourself sore without machines as well. I was doing entirely too much bag work for a few months at the beginning of the year and it was making my elbows and forearms hurt all the time. I cut way back on the bag work and kept up my lifting and they pain went away. I work the bag once in a while now but nowhere near as much as I used to.

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    Yeah, machines can be rough on joints. If I remember correctly, life fitness is especially bad.

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    Fair chance it is the machines but quite fixable.

    Work through the machine exercises slowly to find spots that aggravate the pain or just look problematic. Verify the elbows are in line with the force or oriented so the force goes thru the normal function of the bicep or triceps.You may have a bad alignment where you're putting a twisting force on a joint not built to twist.

    'Forearm' pain seems strange. Details?

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    Ditch the machines and stick with the kettlebells/swimming...

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    You can get the best weight loss and fitness tips at Fitness protocols and I assure you will have no pain.

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    Yeah. I screwed up my shoulder and my elbow on the chest fly machine. They got better when I switched to using just the bar and my bodyweight.
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    I wouldn't mess with pains like that. I shut it down for two weeks last month when a bad case of tennis elbow flared up.

    It's crucial you locate the cause of the injury so that you can avoid or adapt for it in the future. In my case, I discovered that my tennis elbow was caused not by any exercise I was performing but by moving the pins on my homemade squat rack; they are a snug fit and the twisting that was required to take them out of one hole and fit them into the other messed up my left elbow.

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    ^ this...

    sounds like tennis elbow too. when mine flares up, im basically one armed... shutting it down for weeks is the only answer that works for me.

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