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Thread: Lily's Journal

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    Lily's Journal

    I figured I'd start a journal here. It's nice to be surrounded by like minded people even if I'm the type to sit quietly in the back.

    Background: I'd been suffering some pretty bad anxiety attacks and a few full blown panic attacks. This turned into a depression a few years back. Not crying all the time horrible thoughts depression, but zero interest in anything depression. I could stare at a wall for hours and if you asked what I was thinking about, I'd have no clue. 'Not wanting anything. I believe it was to avoid any type of panic/anxiety (in hindsight, not the the best solution ).

    I'm not exactly sure how I broke out of it, and I haven't totally still. Starting this journey I'm somewhere just after the depression but still fearful of attacks. Now I'm trying diet to see how far that will help me.

    Goals: First and foremost a healthy body fat percent. I couldn't care less about the weight value, it's just one number in figuring out body composition. My Primary Goal is 22%. Once I hit that, I'll re-evaluate and see where I want to go.

    Method: ■ I eat as primal as I can (min 80/20) with what I can afford. ■ I'm working on getting more protein, I'm not there yet. ■ I track what I eat at** (Note: Goals listed on that page are not necessarily my goals for that day as I'm far to lazy and not nearly obsessed enough to update the goals in the site's system. I know my daily targets... sometimes I comment them at the bottom of the page) ■ I weigh myself every morning* ■ I will add in moving more, but I have some hurdles to get past first. This is already a big step and I really can't overwhelm myself (I don't want to go zombie again). I have a list of things I want to add to my routines and I'm working my way through it slowly.

    *I'm not obsessive about numbers however. If my weight goes up, that doesn't stress me out. I usually expect it and know why it does (and usually I disregard the weight number as the body fat number has more value to me). I just love numbers (and spreadsheets (and analyzing trends)). I've found if I can't have a spreadsheet, I can't enjoy it and I don't stick with it. I've also found that if I enjoy something, it inevitably ends up having a spreadsheet... even if it's just a silly flash game. **I am not a calorie counter. I'm a calorie tracker . I like myfitnesspal because I can display just want I want to see in the 'nutrients' column. I have calories, carbs, protein, and calcium currently (I border osteopenia so I try to keep this at 100% min). My problem is actually getting enough calories when eating cleaner, not overeating.

    Supplements: I'm taking a daily multi, fish oil, and sometimes a calcium pill at night depending on how my day went. I have a vitamin C supplement as it was purchased prior to this. I'll still continue to take it until it runs out.

    Start (21/Aug/2011): 5'3"/34
    • Weight: 222.2#
    • Body Fat: 52%
    • Measurements:
      • Bicep: 15 3/4"
      • Chest: 50 1/4"
      • Waist: 42 7/8"
      • Hips: 47 3/4"
      • Thigh: 25 3/4"
      • Total: 182 3/8

    Current (23/Oct/2011):

    • Weight: 199.8# (-22.4)
    • Body Fat: 46.4% (-5.6%)
    • Measurements (23/Oct/2011):
      • Bicep: 14 1/2" (-1 1/4)
      • Chest: 47 5/8" (-2 5/8)
      • Waist: 40 1/4" (-2 5/8)
      • Hips: 44 1/4" (-3 1/2)
      • Thigh: 22 7/8" (-2 7/8)
      • Total: 169 1/2" (-12 7/8)
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