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Thread: Anchovies in mayonnaise - will it improve the O3 / 6 ratios?

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    Anchovies in mayonnaise - will it improve the O3 / 6 ratios?

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    I have been adding a few anchovies (canned in olive oil) to my mayonnaise. The flavour is superb - not fishy, just rich. And with a crushed clove of garlic, really gourmet.

    I am using olive oil (not virgin - that tastes too strong) and a nut oil. So - there is omega 6 from the nuts oil. But I reckon the anchovy probably evens the omega 3 / 6 ratio out?

    I have just got some macadamia oil, which I shall use instead of walnut or hazlenut oil for the next batch - but for the ones I've been doing, I wondered if my thinking is right?

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    What you are basically making is the old fashioned way of making Caesar Salad dressing and it sounds yummy. Never mind the 03:06 ratios, just drink it straight out of the blender.

    But seriously, yes, adding seafood is always a good thing. Tastier than a fish oil capsule too.

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