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Thread: Is it possible to eat too many veggies?

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    Is it possible to eat too many veggies?

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    I have been eating clean for about a year now but just recently started with the Primal Blueprint. The transition has not been difficult at all for me.....I have completely cut out grains/sugar, most dairy (except for goat cheese and plain greek yogurt on occassion) and have increased my intake of protein and fats as well as veggies. Aside from feeling GREAT all day long.....I was hoping to loose some body fat along the way (currently 5'4" 108lbs and 17% body fat). My question it possible to eat too many veggies on the PB? I consume vegetables at bfast, lunch and dinner....very little fruit and no grains/sugar. I still haven't lost a single pound or percentage of body fat!! Could I be consuming too many carbs or calories with all of the veggies/fat/protein I eat? Can't imagine why I havent seen a change yet.....What am I missing here?

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    Run your numbers through a program such as SparkPeople or Fitday and see what you come up with for macronutrient ratios. If the ratios are right, then your problem could be a simple as you're eating too much food all around.

    It would be really hard to eat too many veggies as they are not generally very carb or calorie dense unless your primary veggies are something like parsnips.

    This is a thread I started on calorie reduction. It got a lot of flack but it worked for me.

    Wait a minute. I just re-read your post. 5'4" and 108lbs and 17%bf? Are you male or female? Why do you want to lose weight again?
    If you are male, working out really hard and into getting that last super shredded low bf look, you might be better off with one of ChacoTaco's carb-refeed threads.
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    Are you female? If so, at 17% body fat, I'd imagine it would be fairly difficult to lose. You would probably have to IF or calorie count or both to lose from there, and even then, your body is likely going to fight you going to too low a body fat %.

    I'd check out your calories and macronutrient levels to see if you want to tweak anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by balanced View Post
    ....What am I missing here?
    That your body composition was already fine?

    You say your body fat is 17%. Most measures are notoriously unreliable, but if you're anywhere near right, you're in the right range for a woman and probably much less wouldn't be a good thing.

    A "standard" diet is pretty disastrous even for those it doesn't make fat—doesn't happen to everyone. I say just be glad you're off it.

    FWIW, I don't think you can eat too many vegetables. There may be some very rare and exceptional people who can, but I think it's probably pretty safe to say that almost everyone can eat just as many vegetables as they fancy, so long as they're non-starchy vegetables. They're a good source of nutrients, including some important anti-oxidants. I'd continue to eat them liberally

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    How do you know your body fat is 17%? Changes happen more slowly the closer you are to your ideal weight.

    Did you take any measurements? It's pretty easy to lose a bit of fat without losing weight.

    How long have you been doing this? Sometimes it takes a month or more to see results, especially if you are starting at a healthy weight.

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    Balanced, at that weight you probably need to build some muscle to change the ratio. You may be skinny-fat.

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