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Thread: Dogs like sunshine - do you?

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    Dogs like sunshine - do you?

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    It's so weird that in this modern day we have to make a concerted effort to get enough sun. My dog goes out on our sunny deck every morning for sunbathing. He lays out, eyes closed, facing the sun, until he gets hot. Then he comes back inside for awhile, then goes back out again. He seems to get about 15-30 minutes total each day. He goes for walks at least twice a day, and he can go out the doggy door whenever he wants. But this sunbathing ritual is something specific he does.

    I used to think dogs and cats were sun lovers because of their hedonistic ways, but I'm sure now they are sun chasing for their health. Now it reminds me to get out on that deck myself every day.

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    I would do sunshine if it was a she. She'd be hot.
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    i did sunshine earlier on the deck. it WAS hot

    the dogs went with me, so, you know, it was a party
    yeah you are

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    Dang it was hot today! This year, because of MDA, I am toasty tan and feel great. Move over dog!

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    My cat does that, then he goes to lie in front of the fan
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    Quote Originally Posted by HillsideGina View Post
    Dang it was hot today! This year, because of MDA, I am toasty tan and feel great. Move over dog!
    Yes, SoCal is having quite the Indian summer right now.

    My dog will lay out with me on the terrace but underneath my chair taking advantage of my shade. Sensible dog. He does love to sunbathe in the wintertime though. He's from Baja. He can handle the hot temps pretty well.

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    I'm a sun baby. I was born in Florida, and spent all year outside. I love laying in the sun. In fact, I miss it so much here in rainy England that I've actually started to visit a local tanning shop a few times a week, just to lay in the heat of the sunbed and pretend I'm on a beach. My skin is finally not pasty white for the first time since moving here!!

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    it's only been like 90 deg F for the highs in the past few days. Feels like a cold front! I've even turned off the a/c. Super nice after the triple digits. Too bad the drought is really starting to torch up the place. I've had plenty of sunshine, we need some rain stat!

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    I spend the whole freakin' day out in the sun, from sunrise until at least 2pm every day.

    It's not that exciting for me anymore. It's just damn hot.

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    I realized recently (after avoiding outdoorsy things for a long time) that sunlight just feels good. Even looking towards the sun does. I just wish I could enjoy it without getting tan.

    I love watching cats stretch out in the sun. And there's nothing quite like taking a nap in the afternoon sun.

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