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Thread: MSN health warns consumers to be wary of coconut oil!

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    MSN health warns consumers to be wary of coconut oil!

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    They list 9 quick tips to lower cholesterol levels, number nine says this:

    Lots of products are now "trans-fat free" but in some cases, these fats are being replaced with saturated fats, such as palm and coconut oils. You may have heard that palm and coconut oils do not negatively affect cholesterol levels, but the research isnít conclusive and palm kernel oil contains 80 percent saturated fat. Instead, look for products that use polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which help lower LDL cholesterol.

    Get a Grip! - 9 - MSN Health & Fitness - Cholesterol Slide Show

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    *looks at her skin, shiny from liberal applications of coconut oil after her shower this morning*

    Well, guess my skin will get heart disease. Crap.
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