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Thread: Grok Nuts

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    I was just in the park and the almonds are falling so I brought a few home. Man they are difficult to open. It's like the tree doesn't want to you eat the almonds! I hope Grok had a hammer and chisel because that was what I needed.

    The almonds taste very fresh and have an intense almondy flavor, quite different to the nuts I buy in the store. It does make you wonder if we are missing nutrients because none of our food is really fresh. Perhaps that is one of the factors why modern hunter gatherers avoid Western diseases.

    I think the advice to eat nuts in moderation is good. Grok would not have been able to produce kilo bags of almonds. I also wonder if its best to forget about nut flours. I made a quiche with almond flour but it really doesn't produce a nice pastry. I think its probably best to use a good quality white flour to make a thin light crust (i.e. aim for maximum egg and minimum pastry)

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    I feel the same way about the macadamias on our tree. It's so labour intensive to get the nut, you aren't going to eat that many!
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    I wish I had that problem. Fresh, tasty nuts that fall from a tree nearby.

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    WHAT?! I want to live where it rains almonds and macadamias. Hallelujah.

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    I'm part of the camp that believes nuts are pretty bad for you. In 23 almonds, there is 3.4g of omega 6. You would have to eat 4 POUNDS of CONVENTIONALLY RAISED bottom sirloin to get that much omega 6. So yes, eating a quarter cup of almonds will skew your EFA ratios more than an entire week's worth of beef for a smaller sized woman, all without an omega 3 in sight.

    As for a crust, you can try using white rice flour. You can buy it at most Shop Rite's for less than $3/lb.
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