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Thread: Primal healing

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    Primal healing

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    Hello everyone - I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I came across MDA and subsequently The Primal Blueprint around March of this year and slowly transitioned into the primal lifestyle in the couple months following that. Previously I ate roughly 50% raw foods; tons of veges, nuts, coconut, fruit, but only eating meat once every couple weeks. As such, my visible progress from going primal has largely had to do with increased endurance and actually being able to put on some muscle.

    However... to explain the thread title: in early July I suffered a severe break to one of my legs. I broke the tibia in three places, fibula in a couple places, and the talus (ankle joint) as well. I spent the next 30 days in bed and have been slowly recovering since. I have a six inch metal plate on the tibia and plenty of screws and pins holding the whole thing together.

    I've been making sure to get lots of vitamins D3 and K2, as well as dietary calcium. I've also been focusing on keeping my inflammation as low as possible. At my recent check up with my surgeon, he said I'm a good 2 - 3 weeks ahead of expected healing schedule - can't argue with results like that!

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    wow that's fantastic! Well done!

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    Welcome Raney. Sorry about your leg. I'm glad you are healing well.
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