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Thread: Raw, Non-grass fed cheese or Grass fed pasteurized cheese?

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    Raw, Non-grass fed cheese or Grass fed pasteurized cheese?

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    At my local Trader Joe's the have a grass fed sharp cheddar cheese from New Zealand that comes from pasteurized milk, but they also have a brand of Raw milk cheese that I'm assuming is not from grass fed cows, but does say from cows not treated with rbst. So which of these two have the best nutritional value? They are both delicious, though I think the raw cheese tastes a bit better...

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    Pasteurization only matters for fresh dairy products- it has to do with killing bacteria and enzymes and such. Raw milk cheese has to be aged for 60 days, which makes it legally safe and bacteria-free. Cheese from pasteurized milk does not have to be aged. Cheese is not pasteurized, but the milk is before the cheese is made.

    I'm a big fan of raw cheeses, but I don't think that pasteurized cheese has any significant reduction in nutrients.

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    I can't imagine anyone making raw milk cheese from confinement dairy milk. I would assume that the milk was infact from grass-fed cows. But why not do a little research and contact the company to ask? Let them know your concerns about their product and they can address your specific concerns.

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