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    Ok, I'm still having problems with a muzzy head, not a headache but a light giddy feeling. Otherwise I feel this part of the carb flu?

    I'm on 50g carb at the moment, and will be increasing 5g a week as my training progresses (if necessary). I miss more fruit - just 20g a day fruit carbs.

    I'm not missing the horrible wheat, barley and rice bloat. Not a great surprise there!

    Other than the muzzy head, I feel ok, energetic and not hungry.

    Ideas anyone?

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    From all I've read, a few days to a few weeks (2-3) is typical...but my case of the low-carb flu took about 6 weeks to disappear. It was awful, but worth it. Hang in there!

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    Thanks BarbeyGirl

    The first 20 mins of a workout is hell at the moment, the muzziness becomes light headedness, almost dizzy, then magically it is like my body sorts itself out and I start getting very hot (fat burning), but it returns to just the niggling muzzy head again.

    No problems with weights or yoga, just swim/bike/run and I'm keeping everything below 75% VO2.

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    ooops forgot to add daily calories at the 1800 Kcal mark, will raise to 2500 Kcals (+) in the next few weeks as I kick into gear.

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