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Thread: Diastasis help

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    Diastasis help

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    I am going to start going more primal, and one of the things I look forward to (since I am skinny fat) is losing this tummy of mine. However I have a small diastasis right around the naval, nowhere else. How can I get that sucker to close and do it simply (doesn't mean without work, though)? I have two special needs and very demanding kids, so I don't have "exercise time" to build into my day Makes me realize how much time I wasted when I was single without kids. Anyway, any recommendations would be appreciated.


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    I wish I knew about this before I had to have a kevlar patch to fix the diastasis and resultant hernia: BeFit-Mom Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning DVD
    The DVD is cheapest directly from the site, for some reason the price is way inflated on Amazon.

    Regular crunches are not your friend, don't do them.

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    i'm making a yoga video about this! it should be this week, up by monday! today is tuesday, here.

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