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Thread: Do you take a daily multi-vitamin?

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    Do you take a daily multi-vitamin?

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    I am reading and hearing conflicting things about why you should or should not take a daily multi-vitamin. Do you take one and is it necessary?
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    Necessary? Probably not.

    I do take a daily multi. (Puritan's Pride Mega-Vita Gel). I find I'm less apt to get wicked cravings and/or cave to cravings when I keep up with my vitamins.

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    I don't. But I do take 10 capsules of super-greens pr day to supplement the lack of vitamins/minerals in the food I eat (due to deficient soil and modern farming etc). Its considered a food, not a supplement as such.

    I do take zinc, magnesium and glucosamine for my leaky gut, and of course, wild salmon oil.

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    I do, but I'm really hard on my body. Plus I know the quality of the food I'm eating may not be optimal. I live in the desert - not much is grown locally here.

    I also supplement with a B complex, fish oil, magnesium and a probiotic, though I don't plan on taking the probiotic or the fish oil very much longer.

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    I take a multi and fish oil.

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    i sporadically take a multi (gnc's women's ultra mega)

    i do take cod liver oil, vit d, vit c, coq-10, and some others daily. my eating is spotty and most times i just eat the same things so yeah
    yeah you are

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    I take a multi, plus additional D, plus an additional B mix (12, mostly), plus fish oil, plus CoQ10, plus milk thistle for liver concerns (used to drink way too much).

    I think I eat a very varied diet compared to most, and lots of it is vegetables, but I'm sure I'm missing things here and there, so it's kind of a coverall.
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    Every other day.

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    interesting...thank u!
    I'm too stubborn to give up so I keep on trying.

    You're never going to get to the top of the stairs if you don't walk up them.

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    I have taken loads of different supplements in the past, but now I'm only taking probiotics and vitamin D3. I take the probiotics because I've got IBS and have had problems whit candida and parasites, and D3 because I don't get enough sun light.
    I don't think most supplements are really necessary as long as you have varied diet, and they might even do more harm than good in some cases. I can't take magnesium or 5-htp for example, they give me digestive problems ...
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