I am a recovering high volume, high carb-a-holic. I recently made switch to a PB lifestyle (2 wks) except for the prescribed workout regime. After spending the last 10 yrs competing in ironman triathlons, utilizing a high volume low intensity workout philosophy, I finally committed myself to a strict crossfit endurance workout schedule. With only one month remaining until Kona, I'm a wee bit nervous about the race. Without much Internet testimony(s) I haven't the slightest clue how my 30-45 min high intensity bikes & runs will translate to 9+hrs of competition. At this point there is very little i can do with regards to physical training, however, i still have time to evaluate my diet As a carb junkie I have eliminated all grains and sweets from my diet and focus most of my attention on meats, fruits, and veggies. What I'm concerned about is race day nutrition. Do I stay true to a PB diet or should I rely on standard course nutrition such as Gatorade, gels, bars, etc. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!