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Thread: Help my friend out...

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    Help my friend out...

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    Im "asking for a friend".. seriously!

    I know a lady that wants to lose a bunch of weight and get stronger. But I dont know where to have her start exercise wise. Yes, bodyweight-squats, pushups ect are good and all but how much good is it if she can only do a couple of each?

    Im asking what you people would suggest for a starting point for someone like this with no experience? Thanks

    Edit: I have a copy of Primal Fitness and like its suggestions. Im asking if anyone has ideas beyond that.
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    Have you read through PBF in detail? It is modified to start with wall push ups, squats with the support of a chair, etc. It is a really fantastic and complete program for beginners (and beyond!) and I would absolutely give her a copy. (And seriously, that would be more than enough to keep someone just starting out on their fitness journey quite busy for a while!)

    That said, my favorite site on bodyweight workouts that shares helpful details for beginners (to advanced and beyond!) is Al Kavadlo's site. My favorite post for figuring out where you should start is Al Kavadlo – We're Working Out! Mastering Your Body Weight Obviously she'll want to start w/ level 1 skills, and if you click on each of them I believe you'll find modifications for getting started as well.

    I honestly wouldn't give her too much to start with--it might be overwhelming. Just getting moving (walking lots, etc) and incorporating basic compound movements (using modifications as needed) should be more than enough for her to go off of. And if her focus is losing a good deal of weight (and she wants your advice), I'd make sure to share the PB 101 with her (see link in my sig). As they say, diet is 80% of all this...
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    I know its hated here but I think machines are perfect for her.
    Don't know if access is an issue.
    Are we talking very low strength or very heavy body weight?
    Start with leg presses with 10 pounds and work up toward 10 bw squats.
    Rubber tubing is another possibility.
    Either working against it or using it for assistance with bw exercise.
    Tie it to the ceiling and around her neck then tell her to squat.
    sorry getting late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poopers View Post
    Edit: I have a copy of Primal Fitness and like its suggestions. Im asking if anyone has ideas beyond that.
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    Have you looked at nerd fitness? I posted a similar question yesterday. If she can only do a few of each my advice would be to do the few and every single day do 1 more. That and a good walk should get her started without going into the gym.

    Plus because every day she'll be "achieving" something this will also act as a boost to her well being.

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    If she does one squat 20 times a day, that's still 20...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kungfumike View Post
    If she does one squat 20 times a day, that's still 20...
    Exactly, if she can only do a few, let her do a few, eventually she will be strong enough to do more than a few ... Most of her changes are going to come from a better diet anyway.

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    Mark has an excellent series on youtube that very clearly explain the progression of the 5 essential movements.

    mark sisson progression - YouTube
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    you gotta squat

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    There are a lot of factors, like the gentlemen said earlier,

    How old is your friend?
    How overweight?

    I wouldn't have a client who is 50 and overweight to get under a bar or dead lift, based on what you have told us so far, they can only do a couple each? So if they can only do a few body weight exercises do you think they could squat 95-135 pounds? Could they do 3-10 pullups?

    First thing is first, loosing a bunch of weight and getting stronger, is very far off and vague. Powerlifters who squat 700-1000 pounds are trying to get stronger. I always tell people that you have time, would you like to change in a month? SURE! but that could lead to burning out, make progress slowly. It's easy to get caught up in what is right and what's the best way to lose this and gain that. Mark has done his homework and made it VERY simple for all of us, people of all ages, but to focus on your dilemma..

    If your friend wants to lose FAT, follow the primal diet. Low carbs all good foods. Diet is 80% of fat loss results. That should be the main goal.

    STRENGTH, is up to the person, I only deadlift 275 and squat 225, I don't think I'm strong, but someone who squats 100 might think they are, and if they think they are strong, then they are strong. Strength also takes some time, and goes hand in hand with diet, again what everyone has been saying on this thread so far, if they can only do a few body weight exercises, their goal should be, be able to do more body weight exercises. pushups, dips, pull ups, bodyquats, have a set number of those, a set and rep range, if one month you can only do 10 of each and the next you can do 20, you JUST GOT STRONGER, once everything becomes easy, get to the weight room, and once again, take it easy, don't look at the guy next to you using 50-90 pound dumbbells, because your not him you don't know how long he has been doing that, and also, what's the rush to get to where he is? Use 10-20 pounds ones, FORM is important to prevent injury. build a strong base.

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