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Thread: Sleep issues.. primal answers?

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    Sleep issues.. primal answers?

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    Hi Guys...

    Wanted to throw this out there, and see what ideas you may have.
    Right now I am going threw a rough time with sleep. Stress has gotten to me, and I find myself lying in bed for hours without being able to get to sleep.
    Last night I took two melitonin tablets to help dropping off, and was in bed at 9pm, but didn't drop off till 5am...

    So Im looking for ways to help increase my chances to get to sleep.

    Anything primal, or non would be suggested. This has been going on for a few weeks now, and I am not sure how long I can keep it up...

    Thanks in advance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shifty1 View Post
    Last night I took two melitonin tablets to help dropping off, and was in bed at 9pm, but didn't drop off till 5am...
    Melatonin sure, but I hear that it's usually best to start with magnesium supplementation, then add 5HTP (precursor for seratonin) if that doesn't help, and then try some melatonin if those don't.

    Anything primal, or non would be suggested. This has been going on for a few weeks now, and I am not sure how long I can keep it up...
    I take it your bedroom is totally blacked out as near as possible. If not, that's the first thing to do. Even tape over luminous dials on electrical equipment—although possibly removing all electrical equipment from that room and turning off wireless routers and mobile phones would be even better. (EMF radiation looks to have more effect on the body than the industry has been claiming for so long—I see your own government has said that, after reviewing the evidence, it will not allow 4G in the country.)

    It's said a short walk just before sunset and another just before sunrise can help. The different wavelengths of the light on the skin at those times of day should help re-sync your bodyclock. Exercise should help, too.

    Don't drink any caffeinated drinks after midday. Nor alcohol anywhere near bedtime.

    Your bedroom should also be on the cool side.

    Take a while to "wind down" before going up. All computers, TVs, etc. off a couple of hours at least before. Keep lights low, prefer table lamps to overhead lights, possibly wear red sunglasses round the house (better wavelength). Warm camomile tea can help. You might also try a small, not carbohydrate-rich, snack before bed, since blood-sugar crashes can wake you up.


    Oh, if you do wake up, don't put the lights on, don't look at the clock. Doing those will tend to stymie your ability to get back to sleep.
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    More exercise during the day- I think ideally something that keeps your blood pumping for a lot of the day and not just a 20-30 spurt (look up Grease the Groove by Pavel Tsatsouline)
    More sunlight- this is a big one for me
    Making your last meal your biggest- it naturally makes you sleepy, and going to sleep will help you digest too

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    You need to get your cortisol levels checked. Not just a 1 time blood test, the 24 hour saliva test. I have the same issues and I'm about to start working with my chiropractor with supplements and such to get my cortisol balanced out (it is too low in the mornings and too high in the afternoon/evening).

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    Magnesium 2 hours before bed. No fish oil or coconut oil after 4 pm.

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    what time are you waking up in the morning?
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    Some supplements that might help are
    ZMA: take on an empty stomach before bed
    Phosphatidyl serine
    and for some reason probiotics help me sleep.
    But I have the opposite type of insomnia where I can't stay asleep
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    time release melatonin works for me to stay asleep

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    With the "more sunlight" recommendation and the walks in the evening and the morning I would add this: No more sunglasses unless absolutely necessary. Your eyes need the sunlight as much as your skin, and your eyes are what gives your brain clues about what time it is.

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    If the above listed ideas don't help much, you may want to read some of the leptin talk on the nutrition forum. Some folks have had great success with sleep following the protocol as it's suposed to reset our circadium clock. Luckily, sleep has never been one of my issues.

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