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Thread: Two New [Long-ish]

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    Two New [Long-ish]

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    I thought I'd just say hi and talk about me. That is what the internet is all about, right?

    I will try to keep it brief, as I have the geeky tendency to give too much information, particularly backstory.

    I've always been able to eat anything. Spicy foods, old food (hey, I didn't know it went bad!), anything. Nothing bothered me, not one bit. I've also been very healthy, for the most part. As a youth, I kicked "Exercised-induced asthma" by getting off my arse and well, exercising. My biggest complaint really is I have a mild case of tinnitus.

    I've also been heavy for most of my life. I was an extremely active young kid, but since I've tended to hover around a soft 175# (I'm 5'4"). I was able to hit my goal weight by working out and counting calories, but I've never gotten the bodyfat percentage down to where I want it.

    I've practiced various martial arts over the years. I was at my lightest when I was training in MMA. Counting calories and insane amounts of cardio/endurance training got me to 145#. I had nearly the endurance of a god, but looked like a small boy, and felt fairly awful.

    I've tried a bunch of goofy diets over the years, including vegetarian and vegan. I really got my first taste of the Primal/Paleo/Whatever diet a year or two ago. I talked briefly with Robb Wolf and perused a few sites, this one included. I chalked it up as being another goofy fad diet.

    I heard a "This Week in Paleo" episode either referenced or pushed through the 5x5 network (I listen to podcasts my entire workday.). So I was forced to re-evaluate the whole thing. Initially, I was forced to at the very least ask myself why I ever went back to eating sugar. So my fiancée (Lady J) and I decided to cut it out.

    After reading and listening more, and finding more actual research, I was on the cusp of trying this out. The final push came the night we went to visit a close friend of ours. We often eat pizza when we're hanging out together. That night I had some of the worst discomfort I have ever had in my belly. Just awful. Could it be the dough? A sandwich the next day produced a similar, albeit less severe, reaction. That's it. I've had it.

    Lady J, while not actually diagnosed as having it, has the symptoms of PCOS. We also figured out that she's gluten intolerant. Since she's gone gluten-free, she's doing much better, and her weight loss has picked up steam again. I'm hoping her quality of sleep will improve (and thereby mine, too).

    Since going more primal, we've both begun losing bodyfat at a much better pace, we're enjoying eating more, and this accursed psoriasis that's suddenly appeared on my wrist is fast healing.

    Lastly, I've heard rumors that primal-type eating tends to lead to children. We are getting married very soon, and of course, anything to help us breed healthy kids would be swell.

    Thanks for having me, I hope to continue to learn, and eventually help others.

    Oh, and I have to apologize to Robb Wolf, the crowd here, and others.

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    Welcome Johnny. Don't worry about writing too much. We can't offer suggestions unless we know about you.

    Actually, something else leads to children, but primal leads to healthy ones. Hehe.
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    welcome aboard

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    Bienvenidos to Grokland!:-)

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